Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel 65mL Tube

Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel: Say Goodbye to Dry Mouth!

Introduction To Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel

Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel is a soothing and moisturising oral gel designed specifically for dry mouth relief. It was developed by an Australian dentist. This Dry Mouth Gel has multiple benefits; It cleans and protects, hydrates and moisturises and importantly, soothes and comforts dry, parched oral tissue. This Denta-med Gel delicately hydrates and lubricates the mouth to reduce discomfort from Dry Mouth. Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel is muco-adhesive, yet water soluble. Denta-Med Gel binds and adheres to the hard (teeth) and soft (tongue, oral mucosa) tissue to form a long-lasting protective barrier, relieving the symptoms of Dry Mouth for up to 8 hours. It is particularly beneficial for overnight relief.

Living with chronic Dry Mouth can be very uncomfortable, affecting basic activities like speaking, eating, and even sleeping. It is a specially formulated solution to address these challenges, providing immediate relief and long-lasting hydration. pH balanced and benign in flavour, it provides a moist, calm comfortable oral environment, helping to effectively manage dry mouth symptoms.

Whether your Dry Mouth is caused by medication, medical therapy, or mouth breathing, Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel is a valuable aid in promoting optimal oral health. Its gum nurturing formulation and combination of ingredients make it the ultimate and complete oral hygiene product. Learn more about how Dry Mouth Gel can offer relief and comfort for those experiencing dry mouth.


Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel 65mL Tube

 Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel is a product designed to provide relief for individuals experiencing dry mouth. This Gel is professionally developed by an Australian dentist. All Denta-Med products are 100% Made and owned in Australia

NO SALIVA? What now?

Important to keep in mind, if there is no saliva present (saliva glands removed / irradiated) or is no longer active or able to be stimulated (medically / orally compromised), Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel acts as a saliva replacement, thereby replenishing moisture and hydration to a mouth previously bereft of moisture and hence replicates the mouths natural protector, saliva. Saliva enhancers / improvers are superfluous, as there is not saliva to enhance or improve. No other Dry Mouth product provides this benefit.

Denta-Med products DO NOT contain Xylitol or Sorbitol (commonly used as sweeteners to stimulate the production of saliva. However, if there is no saliva present or saliva glands have been irreparably damaged or surgically removed any potential benefit is nullified. Xylitol is also documented to cause gas, bloating and diarrhea to varying degrees in individuals

Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel is a toothpaste replacement AND an oral moisturiser.

Toothpaste containing both fluoride and zinc has been proven to be more effective in preventing dentine demineralization and promoting remineralization, when compared to those containing fluoride alone (Ref; Zinc: A precious trace element for oral health care?Fatima T, Haji Abdul Rahim ZB, Lin CW, Qamar Z J Pak Med Assoc. 2016 Aug; 66(8):1019-23.)

Benefits Of Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel

Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel contains ingredients with well documented antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, with (active ingredient) Sodium Fluoride (1,000pm) and Denta-Med's Proprietary Chitin (plant derived), the ingredients work in synergy with one another to provide a complete oral hygiene product. It cleans and protects, moisturises and hydrates and soothes and protects both the teeth and oral mucosa, This Dry mouth gel helps to balance the mouths own oral microbiome.

What is also important is what is NOT in Denta-Med products
Denta-Med products DO NOT contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (drying, foaming agent), sugar, alcohol (drying/can burn/sting), Xylitol, Sorbitol, strong flavours (can burn/sting/irritate), Silica (abrasive), Triclosan or Chlorhexidine.

In addition, Denta-Med products DO NOT Contain any, gluten, nuts, dairy, egg. Denta-Med products are all Vegan and Halal Friendly.

Denta-Med™ Dry Mouth Gel is Endorsed by one of Australia's Leading Cancer Hospitals. Denta-Med is Formulated for Your Mouth.

ONE product for COMPLETE Oral Hygiene and Dry Mouth relief.

How To Use Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel

(For best results) Rinse with Denta-Med pH Neutralising Mouthwash before brushing teeth with Dry Mouth Gel. This best prepares the mouth for mechanical (manual) cleaning, by assisting to buffer the mouth's pH and optimise the outcome of tooth/mouth cleaning.

Apply enough Gel to cover a small, soft head toothbrush. Brush teeth and all surfaces inside the mouth for 2 minutes. Expel (spit out) the residue. Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel can also be applied to an oral swab, finger brush or moistened (with water) gauze square if unable to use a toothbrush. Smear a thin layer of Denta-Med Mouth Gel on all surfaces in the mouth.     

Customer Reviews And Feedback

Our customers provide overwhelmingly positive feedback. Please visit to view some of their experiences. 

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Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel 65mL Tube

What Is The Best Mouth Gel For Dry Mouth?

The best mouth gel for dry mouth is Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel. It provides immediate relief comfort by hydrating and moisturising the mouth delivering optimal oral health outcomes. Denta-Med is Formulated For Your Mouth.


If you have tried 'everything' and are still suffering from Dry Mouth, experience the difference with Denta-Med Dry Mouth Oral Hygiene products.

Why choose Denta-Med?

Because it works!

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